Darling Escapes

During the summer I try to keep my appointments to an absolute minimum. What with husband being away so much for the move and work it’s been difficult but then if you add in we sold our house…. it’s about an hour drive each way so I tried to stack appointments and keep them to a minimum. This week as I was leaving for a day of appointments Husband encouraged me to stay the night in the city. Now you all know I’m a big fan of time to ourselves, despite being parents we deserve a little time alone, right?! But deserving a little time alone and staying in a fancy hotel in the city are not necessarily the same. When he mentioned I should stay I thought I probably won’t, it’s hard to justify spending money on yourself frivolously. I think as parents we sometimes forget that we need it. 

It just so happened that at the time of my departure the littlest small human threw a fit larger than life, sobbing and crying, which resulted in me crying. She wanted to come with me, and a part of me so wanted her to come, but a) I don’t know what she’d do all day and b) I a little bit (LOT) wanted to go by myself, don’t tell her, shhhh. Husband shoved me out the door with only the barest of essentials. I waited the appropriate mom time, texted and she was completely fine, eating waffles. I didn’t even get a cup of coffee in the exit 😾.

In the city I didn’t actually break down and admit I was staying until late late afternoon. I thought of driving home for an hour and I still had so many things to do in the city, and then I thought, I would love a break. Big giant sigh….oh how I would love a break. So I went against all my sensible judgment and I booked a room at a hotel I have been to many times for events but ever had the opportunity to stay in. I chose The Fort Garry, a former Pacific Railway hotel built in 1913. I’ve always been a huge fan of the railway hotels, they are so incredibly gorgeous. 

 I find every last detail to have so much thought put into it, it’s the old world charm I love and have visions of sparkling black dresses, elevator assistants, fancy balls and men dressed in tux’s. I’m told the amazing Palm Lounge is the place to be for night owls looking to be starstruck! It was such a pleasure to stay there. 

Unfortunately for me during my “great escape” I only made it out of the house with: 

Mascara:BUXOM is still my fav

Eyelash curler:those who have been on basic training or any survival course can attest that under no circumstances do I leave home without these two items. 

iPhone charger, wallet, sunglasses, pounds of medication, pjs and a change of clothes. It’s amazing what you can fit in a good purse. 

I took the time between appointments to visit a couple of my favourite shops Mad About Style and Chapters Indigo Polo Festival. We are leaving with only suitcases in less than two weeks and it was sooo hard to control myself. I restrained myself for all but these two gems. 

Comfortable black pumps and a new coffe cup. So gorgeous! 

I spent the evening with a fabulous friend. We ate Indian food at my favourite Indian restaurant in the city, East India Co, and we drank wine and chatted. We’ve been friends since I joined the military, before we had husbands and babies. She brings me peace and mindfulness, she inspires me when I need it and soothes me when I’m overwhelmed. Excellent qualities in a friend. And then in the morning I was met with tea and a cookie

A perfect end to a perfect escape. 

Love K❤️

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