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OMG OMG you guys I am soooo excited!! The city condo is absolutely incredible. We’ve been here less than a week and it is already so amazing. I haven’t even discovered the full amenities of the building because I’ve been so in love with our space. Husband’s Uncle and Papa (aka Grandpa) set up all the furniture before the children and I arrived. They did such a fabulous job I cannot thank them enough. It made it so easy to move in. 

OK so let’s talk condo in the city; this place is the bomb!  It’s so f#*king cool that I can’t describe it without cursewords. There are a few glitches with how much we brought.  I have heard that when people move to a small space that they undestimate just how small it really is and this is true. It’s a learning curve. Things I didn’t expect ~ the kitchen actually has more storage than our old kitchen had. We had such shallow cabinets in our old house. These new ones are amazing! So much room. I also underestimated the angles of the condo, it’s slightly shorter than I had thought but also wider. A couple of pieces of furniture had to become a little more versatile than we had planned. 

Pictures have come out of their boxes, I’m trying to decide where it should all go.

 My bedroom, oh guys my bedroom!!! (Swoon). I  go to sleep and wake up gazing over the city at the CN tower. My room is a pristine white dream. I was thinking of buying the IKEA Malm bed that lifts up so we could have more storage but honestly I think with the storage room we have already we won’t need it. 

Today we popped over to Pottery Barn Kids. Did you hear that? I just ‘popped over’ to Pottery Barn kids!! It’s a little bit of a dream. We went for sheets but obviously couldn’t just limit ourselves to that. We found the most adorable bunny and just had to bring it home. 

I’m so sorry I’m not keeping you in the loop more. Please check out my Instagram feed for more frequent updates. As soon as I get everything out of boxes I am going to bombard you with so many posts!! You just wait, you’ll be like ‘oh my gosh lady enough already’! Lol! 

So please know that I am happy. So so happy. Everything else is status quo, I will tell you all about work, art, Banana Republic behind the scenes sneak peaks, citylife with the smalls, plans of amazing visits to Montreal, Dublin, Christmas markets, just so many things to tell you!!!  

And let’s not forget about the view….

Have a beautiful adorable week 

Love K

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  1. Rana says:

    I`m so happy to hear that you are happy with it! It sure is coming through in your writing. More posts!! more, more!

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