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Hello my beautiful friends how has your week been? If it’s anything like mine you are hot, sweaty, exhausted and happy. We have successfully made it through our first week of city life. Not to say we haven’t had bumps but we have come through, with a bit of hot mess but made it through nonetheless.

I think we are on the right path, we’ve sorted out the fastest route to school, the best buses to take, the best fruit markets. Oh my gosh how had I forgotten about the little street markets? Flowers for sale everywhere!! I had forgotten how lush and beautiful Ontario is. How fresh the produce is and how gorgeous flowers are everywhere.

One of my regrets from living here in college was that I never visited the St Lawrence market. I have fabulous memories of my roommates mother visiting us and buying gobs and gobs of garlic and then making incredible spaghetti. Well we can check the market off my list! What a fun place to visit. It was crazy busy but full of happy friendly market goers.

Some bits felt a little tourist trap-y to me but honestly, aren’t I really just a tourist in my own city?

Lily and I are we’re walking home after the market and saw a man holding the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers, he was pacing back and forth in front of a restaurant and as we passed I said ‘she’s going to be sooo happy’ and he blushed and said ‘I sure hope so’. I didn’t see how those flowers were received but I was able to give these beautiful blooms to a beautiful friend.

Such a sweet happy vendor.

On the way home we were Lucky enough to spot a wedding at the amazing beautiful Fairmont Hotel.

She was so gorgeous I couldn’t help but snap a picture. I hope she doesn’t mind. Isn’t she just breathtaking?! Swoooon….. And then we found a magical cake

Our building continues to be amazing. I’ve been trying to learn the names of all the staff, they are so kind. There are so many things I love about the building, not climbing stairs being one of them. Another thing I’m loving here is I made a pledge when we were moving here that I would start dressing the way I want to dress, not the way I feel I “should” dress. Dress the body you have, not the body you want. (What not to Wear) As it turns out it seems when I wear high-heeled shoes it changes how I walk and I am much more comfortable. Isn’t that the funniest thing? Guess I’d best go shoe shopping and pull all my favs out of the storage locker. This probably also means I’ll have to actually find the storage locker, so far it’s been delegated as blue task. Darn!

Other amenities of the building ~ Our grocery store is amazing and can be accessed without walking outside. It is a touch of a dangerous place as there are so many delicious options at our fingertips. I am trying my best to control myself and as a family we are trying to shop European-style, ala~ ‘day by day.’ We can shop fruits and veggies from the sweet little market stands, flowers from wherever I find them, and everything else falls into place. I even bought one of those old lady wheely shopping carts to bring with me. I know I know I’m fabulously old! 

The kids are still adjusting and there are tears almost daily, but our days are mostly happy and I’m hopeful a few days of chill will settle us in.

The city views continue to amaze me. When I can’t sleep at night I’ve been experimenting with the camera.

I love how the street almost looks to be on fire. So I hope everyone is doing fabulously well. We should have some amazing adventures to share this week, starting with the eclipse today.

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Love K

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