New Kids On The Block

So what is it like to live in a tiny condo in the city with a family of five? To be honest, it’s lovely. The last home we lived in was 3200 square-foot century home, THIS is quite different!

I know you’ve been dying to see it finished, me too!!! I’m on it, I swear!

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Peek into master bedroom. Layers upon layers of white peacefulness

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Funny Bunny

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My little scientist

Things are pretty settled and almost tidy enough to start taking photos. I’m in love with the entire space. I actually realized the other day that this is the most settled I’ve ever been in a home. Husbands parents are machines! They tore through here hanging pictures and mirrors. They patiently waited while I agonized over which sheets to pick. They took out boxes, ran errands to Home Depot. I honestly couldn’t have done it without them. Now I know we had the cottage as a bit of an ‘out’ and we’re able to keep a couple things here and there with family, but when I look around our home OMG WHERE IS ALL OUR STUFF?!!! In the city the only things we have chosen to store are our beautiful harvest table, Lily’s gorgeous white bed frame, and our photos. That’s it folks! Can you even believe we downsized from 3200sq ft to 960sq ft? It is so crazy to think back over.

I think when undertaking this big transition the biggest question I had was, will I miss it all? Now that we are here and settled, no, no I don’t. Stuff is just stuff. We as a couple had been holding onto so many things we didn’t need. I feel free, happy. The only things I have now are my favourite things. My favourite furniture, favourite dishes, decor. Everything here is what I want to be surrounded with. Every day I wake up excited, I honestly cannot wait to open my eyes and look at the view. I’ve stopped sleeping in because as soon as I open my eyes I’m too excited to go back to sleep. Husband wakes me up everyday before he goes to work and gives me my pills, I’m usually asleep again within a second but lately I’m too excited!! This has caused a little bit of adjustment stress as I’ve been quite uncomfortable and not sleeping well so I’m pretty tired all the time. Last night I slept so well though, so today is a great day! I even got flowers from the big guy. 

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pretty little gifts

Life here is exciting yet simple. We take the subway or bus almost everywhere. I think I mentioned before I wasn’t feeling comfortable driving the kids. I have to choose pain meds or drive and that’s no fun. Our days here are pretty simple, I’ve been letting the kids play iPad in morning, we tidy the house (they help) and then I drink a cup of tea blissfully and we decide what we are going to do with the rest of the day. 

Ontario Science Centre?

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tiny pilots in the making

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Pretty in Pink


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CNE Midway

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I think he likes it

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No words

CNE, CNE Midway, Toronto, exhibition Ontario, Canada, laser show, innovation garage, food trucks, food building, food truck frenzy, Kate Shaw, This Lovely Day, Toronto, blogger

the view from here

Or just a walk about the neighbourhood. 

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this lovely day

Maybe in search of berries 

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Summer Perfection

In our home despite the massive downsize and slight panic after selling all our furniture, I actually feel as if I have more space here than I did before. I know it sounds crazy but the set up of this home is fabulous. The bedrooms are all so close, putting away toys and clothes has become so easy for us. The kitchen island is a dream! If you recall in the old house we had a galley kitchen and I would draw a line accross it and say ‘stay out of mommy’s cage !’  Here I am protected from small human groping, they all sit at the island politely (or floppily like wet fish). The love the first class service they receive and I love the no tripping over bodies flopped along the floor under me. 

The city is lovely but I am missing the beach so we are going to hit the road and visit grandma and beach it up. I think we might even check out a couple beach communities I’ve had my eye on. Just in case. You never know what we’ll do next year…? 

Xo love K

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