Cobblestones and cronuts

Hello loves,

This past weekend Husband and I had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Old Montreal.  And it is BEAUTIFUL! It’s still a bit surreal to me that we live close enough to hop in the car and drive to Quebec. It was also pretty amazing that we were able to drop (ditch) the children at Grandma’s house. The small humans hopped out of the car and happily went to play, and we were like, ‘START THE CAR!!!’

Montreal was magical, it has such old European charm. Every building different and more interesting than the last, beautiful old cobblestones streets and restaurants lined with twinkle lights, so many twinkle lights!  I could have stayed forever.
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Sunday morning was a rainy blustery day, but the streets were still filled with couples cuddled under hotel loaned umbrellas as they scurried about from shop to shop.
As we strolled the streets in search of brunch, tucked under our own umbrella, I fell in love with this adorable little shop.

Just a tiny little open air shop filled with beautiful succulents, how adorable is that?! Everything about this city is designed for romance. The cobblestone streets, the beautiful buildings, even the rain. Is it possible to plan the rain? lol

And of course the reason we were there, romance! We celebrated the most beautiful wedding!

In addition we also had a mini pilot reunion. I’m so proud and inspired by these fabulous women, from airline to military, helicopters, jets, multi engine, each one facing their own challenges in life and each one so incredibly fabulous. I think a little #girlboss shout out is in order.

To finish off the holiday……cronuts!

Side-note: I want to thank everyone for their positive support last week. I have pulled up my socks and promise not to be a hot mess again for at least 48 hours, lol. Honestly the support I find through all of you is inspiring and wonderful. I’m so grateful to have you.

withlove Kate

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