Hot Mess Mama

Today we continue the saga of the small human. IF you missed yesterdays post you may want to catch up before you continue. This is a two parter.

We left off as we decided to switch to an English school. Yes, we talked all the options and we decided on the school that this was really best for him. And that’s really what’s important. The English school is right next door, it’s going to be so easy to walk to, so let’s do this!!! (insert crazy cackle laugh again.)

Let us travel back in time a year (make that silly Waynes World sound in your head). Imagine next to the French school is a condo beginning construction. Parents were upset, large construction next door, pollution, etc. Many parents (203-ish) wondered (aka threatened) if they should switch to the English school nearby. That would cause the English school to overflow drastically. So, they made a rule that if you are coming from this one specific school there is now a “Formal Process” and despite moving here mere weeks ago and living next door to the school, having had nothing to do with this other school, except give it a try for a day and a half, you may now have to schlep your 2 kids to the French school and then race 3 blocks to the designated bus pick up spot so your child can be bused to a school in a different area. Even though right now I am sitting without pants on, staring at the school!  See how I twisted that? OMG, are you kidding me????
P.S. I feel I’m done with pants. **You may want to give me a heads up before you drop by.**

Let’s short form this experience, because I do understand it really isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s just how things happened. There were a few days of a really hot mess, confusion, school board, etc.  A week later (yesterday) I dropped off the smallest 2 and was then hand walked by the principal of the French school into the English school. She sat with us, the whole morning, she patiently ironed out every detail. Can you believe the kindness of virtual strangers? We are now registered in our local school. Phew.

We would hope this would be the end of our hot mess, but alas, no. This experience has taken its toll on Jack. It’s hard enough to move provinces, switch schools, get tossed around and feel like there is no place for you anywhere. You’d probably get it in your head that we should move home, cry so uncontrollably that I’m pretty sure you’re starting to have anxiety attacks. All the while I smile and comfort, get mad, bribe, explain, cuddle. There is no good way to do this.  This double-sucks because he has had to do the first day of a new school twice in the last week.  Double the Ativan for me. I can’t keep doing this, it’s tearing my heart out. Not to mention the tearful goodbyes of little pink and having this scene EVERY MORNING.


Will this be funny one day? Will I look back and think “oh, haha how trivial this was, la la la.” Right now I am stressed as F about it. Heres hoping he can tough out the whole day. He has two super nice kids showing him around, he just needs to let them in. I’ve seen his classroom and it felt so nice. His teacher is sweet, they have “flexible seating options.”  I love it. I hope he will soon too. How did your week go? Does anyone else keep ending up crying in a Starbucks?


Woes of the school aged

I didn’t know when I had small humans that it would be this hard. I didn’t know that every feeling they had I would have too. Did y’all know that ahead of time? Am I the only one?

Okay, so here is the down-low on whats happening chez us (chez meaning “us” or “at the house of us”) ……annnnd thus begin our troubles! Last year the largest of the small humans wasn’t loving school in French. All our children have attended French Immersion school. We live in Canada, it’s bilingual, it was the closest school so obviously why wouldn’t we?! Over the summer we had a lot of discussions and really wanted to go to English school. I wanted him to stay with it a bit longer. I hoped a new school, a new teacher and maybe it would just “click”. I convinced (pushed, bribed, forced) him to give it a try for a week.  I knew going in that we were going to have some issues with back to school, it is a new city, new school, no friends yet, that’s hard!

Day one: We walked them to school, stumbled around a field of new families asking every teacher if they were ours. It was a typical first-day sea of hot mess! Let’s skip to the end which is me crying in a Starbucks.

Day two: I’m in the office. Now on first name basis with the Principal and entire office staff, seems about on par for us. It was very apparent for all that the gap between our previous school and this one was just too much. The littles are alright because they are in the lower grade levels but for Jack, it is just too much to ask. Off to English school we go!

This seems soooo easy, doesn’t it?! (insert crazy mom hysterical cackle laugh that breaks down into little tears)

First day of school, pottery barn kids backpack, kitty, kitty backpack

I think this backpack is bigger than her! She loves it ❤️

We’ll have to continue the story tomorrow. Today I’m super sore and instead of going to the gym, blogging and a little shopping I curled in bed at 1 o’clock. I rose to fetch the small humans and promptly got back in bed.  Unless there is some sort of mass disaster I will finish this story tomorrow, cross your fingers because that does tend to follow us!