Woes of the school aged

I didn’t know when I had small humans that it would be this hard. I didn’t know that every feeling they had I would have too. Did y’all know that ahead of time? Am I the only one?

Okay, so here is the down-low on whats happening chez us (chez meaning “us” or “at the house of us”) ……annnnd thus begin our troubles! Last year the largest of the small humans wasn’t loving school in French. All our children have attended French Immersion school. We live in Canada, it’s bilingual, it was the closest school so obviously why wouldn’t we?! Over the summer we had a lot of discussions and really wanted to go to English school. I wanted him to stay with it a bit longer. I hoped a new school, a new teacher and maybe it would just “click”. I convinced (pushed, bribed, forced) him to give it a try for a week.  I knew going in that we were going to have some issues with back to school, it is a new city, new school, no friends yet, that’s hard!

Day one: We walked them to school, stumbled around a field of new families asking every teacher if they were ours. It was a typical first-day sea of hot mess! Let’s skip to the end which is me crying in a Starbucks.

Day two: I’m in the office. Now on first name basis with the Principal and entire office staff, seems about on par for us. It was very apparent for all that the gap between our previous school and this one was just too much. The littles are alright because they are in the lower grade levels but for Jack, it is just too much to ask. Off to English school we go!

This seems soooo easy, doesn’t it?! (insert crazy mom hysterical cackle laugh that breaks down into little tears)

First day of school, pottery barn kids backpack, kitty, kitty backpack

I think this backpack is bigger than her! She loves it ❤️

We’ll have to continue the story tomorrow. Today I’m super sore and instead of going to the gym, blogging and a little shopping I curled in bed at 1 o’clock. I rose to fetch the small humans and promptly got back in bed.  Unless there is some sort of mass disaster I will finish this story tomorrow, cross your fingers because that does tend to follow us!


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  1. H says:

    You forgot to tell me that I would feel all their highs and lows with them. I took P to her first day of nursery school (essentially daycare) today and it went bad. Very bad. She behaved horribly and I feel as emotionally drained by it all as she does.

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