What’s up Kitty Kat

Oh my, my what a week this has been! I started the week joyful and happy, I walked the small humans to school and my goodness did this city ever have a case of the Mondays. When we walk to school usually the children and I take a shortcut. We weave through a couple parking lots and we cross three side streets. I’ve come to notice that Toronto doesn’t really have crosswalks except at major intersections. Even in school zones, strange. So we bip across the streets holding hands but here’s the thing. AN OLD LADY TRIED TO RUN ME DOWN! 5 times! I recognize the car and the driver and I swear to goodness she drives down this side street every day, it’s located between 2 schools.  She turns on the street, she sees at least a hundred children and parents walking to school, crossing streets, smiling and laughing, she revs her engine, she breathes deep, closes her eyes and guns it! Parents cling to their children, a dog strays into the street, she aims at it, the owner heaves the dog to safety just at the last second. She sets her target further down, she sees a pretty mother, holding hands with 2 sweet ginger angels. They pause in fear, halfway across the street, they make eye contact, she speeds up, the mother clings to her children, at the last second the white witch mobile swerves into the opposing lane and narrowly misses the little family. Well, that’s almost exactly what happened. I’ve seen her race down the street at least a half-dozen times. Slow down you little bitty, next time I’m reporting it.

Following that incident I wasn’t in my happiest place, but still good. We were on our last little stretch in a quiet parking just meandering along. A van came up behind us and I guess we were too slow moving off to the side and as she passed the lady threw her hands up and said ‘What the Fu$k!!!!’ I’m not exactly sure why but this was my tipping point. I was so bleeping mad, oh my heavens you should have seen me. My jaw dropped open and I said ‘she did not’ to which Lily said “she did not what?’ So I told her the lady cursed at us, and Lily and I agreed this was bad.  As we rounded the corner I could see her caught in traffic in front of the school. And I snapped!. I quick walked, as fast as I can quick walk. She’s edging along, slowly down the street, because traffic sucks at 845 am! I walk the smalls to school, all the while staring at her car, I dropped their packs and I keet quick snappy walking, why?  Because my son was hit by a car and I am sick of people driving like jerks, especially in school zones! She was in a white minivan, tell me you don’t have kids too. Tell me you wouldn’t be mad if people were swearing at your kids. Well that lady is lucky because one I don’t really “quick walk” and two they stopped traffic for a big dump truck and she made it past just before me. I was just going to politely tell her I don’t care for it when she swears at children or drives like that next to the school. Hopefully the sight of my stomping along behind her and dropping the bags in a furry is enough for her to realize on her own. I feel like I do things that other people think of but social norms keep them from doing so.  Do you ever think I’ve gone a touch on the batty side?

This was all Monday before 9am. The rest of the week was a bit more normal, as in I didn’t chase anyone. I did, however, go to The Invictus Games, we were able to see seated rowing. Completely amazing!  If you are ever looking to see an inspiring group of people…I cheered so hard, my hands hurt from clapping. (which as a side note, it really hurts me to clap, my left arm is soooo sore this week.)

3 men walk out to the medal platform, a man in a bright blue shirt with 2 metal legs and and one metal prosthetic arm leads, followed by a black man in a red shirt man with 2 prosthetic legs followed by a man in a red and white shirt in a wheelchair. The crowd is cheering , the first man has his arms raised triumphantly over his head!

Completely Incredible!!

I look at these men and women and I am so inspired. I don’t know their stories but I know at least a part of the place where they are coming from and I am in complete awe of their strength. Maybe one day I could be strong and be here too.

By Wednesday I’ve had enough feelings and activity for a month BUT… I signed up for the Princes Operation Entrepreneur (POE) 1 day seminar and 2-day career conference. This week has really been a struggle for me, physically, mentally, emotionally. I’m tired but these events don’t come around every day. This information and the connections are so valuable that I need to push myself and make it to the weekend. Unfortunately, that means you all are left a bit hanging. I know you’ll forgive me though,  I have AMAZING things coming to the site this fall! You are going to be excited. I promise. And now while we’re speaking of excitement…

I just happened to be sitting behind this handsome fella this afternoon during a seminar.

Prince Harry speaking with veterans who have successfully completed the Prince's Operation Entrepreneur program and opened their own small business

Making them belly laugh, I loved that.

I did not chase him, buuut I am semi regretting that decision now. I did take photos and I felt a bit lame, especially when he looked right at me and caught me. My big regret is that the photo was blurry, lol!

So there you go my loves. I am working hard and trying to stay positive. I did find out that I won’t be seeing a surgeon until next year. I was pretty sad about that as it likely means he doesn’t think he can help me, and I had a good cry about that. HIs poor receptionist, I pretty much lost all my game face and broke down on the phone. She was so sweet but her hands are tied, she can only do what the dr tells her to. I wept so hard I couldn’t talk. She suggested I call my dr back. I left a hiccupy sniffling, probably incomprehensible cry so hard you shake message and now I’m doing it again, oh crud. I just, I’m so tired, my body is tired, it hurts, I just, I need a break from it. I talked to my mother and I cried even harder. She said all the things mothers are supposed to say. I love her. I know she wishes she could help me in the way I wish I could help my children. I’m not sure where this leaves me. I’m not sure why I’m going to conferences, I think I need to believe there is more. I accept my body won’t let me safely fly airplanes right now, is there something else I could do? I do know I like to make people happy. I love photography, hotels, fancy things, shoes, lol. K I”m getting my tears under control now. I want there to be more, there is, right?

This is a good week, just a hard one.

With love~ Kate

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  1. Rana says:

    There is always more, my love. It does sound like you had a whirlwind week, up and down with emotions. Take care and keep loving living and life is good. YOU WERE THAT CLOSE to a real live (handsome and kind) PRINCE?! Oh my weak knees. How did you keep your composure?

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