The Morning Mail

Hi, how was everyone's weekend? My apologies on the slacking on sticking consistently to Monday/Thursday posts. I know I've been a bit tardy on the Monday posts. Honestly, I'm just a touch behind it seems every Monday. Know that behind the scenes, I've been working hard on where the site is going. Here are some … Continue reading The Morning Mail

Holiday Weekend

Family thanksgiving with my in-laws, fireworks, hot tub, and little joyful humans. Guess what my husband put in the dryer and as a result what I'm forever allowed to do!!! Kate Shaw is a tiny house blogger in Toronto.

Fall Favs

This year I am absolutely in love with the fashion. Living midtown I'm certain has something to do with it. Every morning walking the smalls to school I check out the latest fall fashions. Dresses, so many dresses!!! Today's favorite is bright red dresses, paired with any shoe/boot/runner. It's perfection. If bright red isn't at … Continue reading Fall Favs