Holiday Weekend

This weekend was our first time spending Thanksgiving with grandparents. We played games and painted pumpkins. There was plenty of wine and the weather was beautiful! We were missing the other ‘kids’ (brother and sisters), so we may celebrate American Thanksgiving next month to make up for it. I do have to say, all in all, it was completely lovely and worth the move.

We had fireworks and sparklers.

Sparkler love, time lapse photos of people playing with sparklers, the word LOVE is spelled out with sparkler glow

Sparkler Love

Flatlay large orange pumpkin with small pink pumpkin with gold dots and gold stem. Cocker spaniel is sniffing one of the pumpkins cutely.

Henry photobombed our pink and gold pumpkin shots, lol!

Two little girls aged 5 and 3 holding lit sparklers, both smiling huge smiles, faces glowing from the sparklers

Pure Joy

I can’t remember if I showed the photos yet but last weekend I attended Blogpodium and we all received amazing takeaway bags. One of the items was Krylon spray paint. At first, I thought hmmm, I live in a condo what shall I do with this. BUT then I thought WHAT WON’T I DO WITH THIS?!!! Spray paint is pretty much always a good time! Then, because we were at Grandma’s, I thought, what a wonderful time to break out the spray paint, HAHAHA! Sorry about the garage floor, Grandpa.

We picked some sweet little pumpkins and some went pink, some went black and some went everything!



7 small pumpkins lined up on a stone wall. Each pumpkin is a different colour, gold, pink with gold Sita, black, blue, multicolour.

Who said pumpkins have to be traditional?!


The only low point of the weekend was Husband used the dryer and ‘adjusted’ the size of a couple of my new clothes. This:

Banana Republic outfit. Black cardigan with 4 buttons on the cuff.

Beautiful Banana Republic Cardigan

Black woman wearing long sleeve black wrap dress, reitmans

Reitman’s Wrap dress


And this:
I felt rather cross and may have shouted rather a lot. I since have authorization ‘to buy as many clothes as I want forever and ever and can never be judged!’ OR so I shouted through the bathroom door. And then I felt better.


How was everyone else’s weekend? Did anyone have any fabulous family feuds they’d like to share? lol



Henry and I are happy to be home. We are enjoying a restful day after our big adventure and have no plans grander than a trip to the market for flowers.

Have a beautiful week my lovelies.


With Love Kate




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