Little Glass House

When moving to a tiny house we knew this was going to be an adjustment. If you’ve been following along our journey you’ve watched over the last 6 months as we sold off or donated what felt like most of our things. It’s hard to believe just 6 months ago we lived in a three-story century home thousands of miles away. It’s sometimes still a dream that we live in this tiny condo in the city. That being said, I do love it so.  Before we moved we came across a gentleman who had just done a huge downsize. His advice, ‘You will still have too much stuff!’ Lol. Well, I lived in fear of those words and post move I feel like we are actually doing okay.

One night at the cottage I sat down and mapped this out. 

Jack chastised me to no end for using a curse word! (Try to find it, lol)

So is it working?  Yes, yes, yes! We repurposed a few items but it actually worked out really well. The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that I need to think about things in a different way, I need to think about EVERYTHING in a different way. Things I ask myself are:

1. Is it useful?

2. Do I need one in every room?

3. How many do I need?

4. Does it bring me joy?

Tiny house living has changed my use of space completely. For example, the long white Ikea sectional we had was not going to fit as it was.

We eliminated a corner section and it’s a perfect fit. The extra single section went into the boys’ room where it has been an excellent use of space. We use it daily for bedtime stories and a quiet space for a child to put on headphones and have a little ‘alone time.’ In the morning I love to drink tea while watching the city come to life, it has such a fabulous view. So the moral of the story; while this reading space is in the boys’ room, it’s a universal space we all enjoy. The same principle applies to my Bedroom.

The same principle applies to my bedroom. Honestly, it is layers upon layers of white, white bedding, white walls, floor to ceiling view of the city, everything about this room peaceful and dreamy. This room is not just my bedroom, it’s also our peaceful space. Anyone who needs a little time out is welcome to use it.


Cocker spaniel dog wearing Hudson's Bay Sweater, with hood, his head resting on a womans hand. 2 large art prints  in the background, one with heart one flowers, both in white frames.


It’s a bedroom, an office, a therapist room. IT is NOT A JUNGLE GYM!!! (I may have said quite loudly.)

Soooo, there you have it my loves. A little peek inside the glass house. Coming up I will have a home tour series. This is where we’ll explore all the nooks and crannies and little secrets, like what are in those closets?! What do you keep in those drawers? Is it all beautiful, neat and organized, so you’re going to have to hate me? Or just a big hot mess?


Where is all our winter gear? YOU have a sled? WTF? Where??? How come you don’t own dressers???? Annnd everything else you’d like to know about living in a beautiful, tiny, glass house. Have a fabulous day!

with love Kate

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