The Morning Mail

Hi, how was everyone’s weekend? My apologies on the slacking on sticking consistently to Monday/Thursday posts. I know I’ve been a bit tardy on the Monday posts. Honestly, I’m just a touch behind it seems every Monday. Know that behind the scenes, I’ve been working hard on where the site is going. Here are some things I’ve been looking at:

I’ve been discussing what the end result should look like. For example (wink wink) if I were to hire a programmer what would the website look like if I could have anything in the whole world? There are a lot of choices out there, oh my heavens. It’s exciting, but also a lot of work. Stay tuned and see whats coming our way!!

I love the idea of structured updates. Maybe we could have ‘the morning mail’, a cute little box on the website just to say hi and whats up. Think of it as a status update on the site. Whats new? etc. And/or a Monday morning catch-up video? A little evening chat on Instagram? So many possibilities, but let’s STRUCTURE them, so you know where and when to find them.

I’d really like to get into having guest posters. You get to see a lot of my life. We’ve lived in a city home, a century home, cottage home, now tiny home. But….. I’m STILL CURIOUS ABOUT MORE! SO I wondered if maybe you would like to follow along with some of my favorite people. The plan is still coming together of how we will make all this work and keep it in ‘style’ with what we’ve already got going on here? Video? A series? The possibilities are so exciting.

And another thing. VIDEO!!! VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO!! We’ve been talking about it forever, buuuut guess who’s learning video editing?!  I’m so excited for this. I made a tiny 13-second film last week. I was so proud, I added music, I changed viewing speeds. I’m just a baby at it but think of the first time you did something awesome. Like…fly a plane. It’s exciting, right?! You can watch my amazing video HERE.

Style Me Pretty: I think I love this series. The idea is complete outfits, that you can point, click shop. Dress the body you have, not the body you want. You don’t have to commit to this body, you can change it anytime you want. But shouldn’t you feel amazing no matter your size? I think so! I’d also like to help create outfits that work within what you own. Maybe you already own everything and just needed a little bump of encouragement on how to put it together. This weekend I was so lucky to dress a woman at BR, she gained 40 pounds last year. I was like “Lady, I got this!’ Later a woman shopped my body. She did the finger point and swirl and said “that, I want that, wrap it up”. The girl I was working with said you know you’ve hit the mark when someone shops your body. Hurray!!! Best thing is, I assembled it myself! I think I’m learning. How do you guys feel about ‘Style Me Pretty‘.

Those are just a couple things coming our way. Now, what about my life? ….whats the skinny on that? Let’s talk KATIE, on the blog next!

P.S. It will probably involve a story in which I get stuck in my spanks.

with love Kate


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