Things about Kate

  1. Lately, I’m obsessed with the pores on my face. I can’t stop looking at them, poking them, thinking about them. I went to the beauty school and had a facial. Turns out I still don’t like facials. I just feel like I can squeeze my own pores!
  2. I got stuck in my spanks. I was all steamy, just out of the shower, trying to put them on and they got stuck mid-thigh. They’re those ones that are shorts, to keep your thighs from chaffing together, extra fancy right?! So the bum got all twisted inside itself and the thigh bits got stuck halfway up, so my knees are bound together and I couldn’t get them up or down. All I could think of was Ross and the leather pants incident.


3. Speaking of spanks. I am obsessed with my weight. Two of the medications I take for nerve pain, Lyrica and Cymbalta, have side effects of weight gain. If I eat, if I don’t, I just keep gaining. After my surgery I lost so much weight, I looked amazing!! Sigh…. The downside was it was a terrible, terrible time, I was so sick. I never told you how bad it was. Let’s leave it in the past and just say that it is not a preferred method of weight loss. Over the past two years doctors have added a lot of drugs to my  ‘cocktail’ and although my skin hurts a little less, I’ve gained about 40 pounds.  Worth it? I don’t know. It always seems worth it for a little while, but as I get used to the new medication we have to add more. I actually haven’t done the latest increase because I’m just too vain. I can’t take the weight gain anymore. It hurts my bones, it hurts my feelings. I think this is where ‘Style me Pretty’ comes from. I want people to see their true beauty. I promise you, you are so beautiful! I know you can’t always see it, but I can. Maybe you just need someone to help you find your beauty. We all struggle, but I’m not losing this battle. I don’t know why I can’t see it in me but I’m going to dress the body I have right now. I’m going to regroup and come up with a new plan with my doctors. That scale is NOT GOING UP ANYMORE!!! (She shouted and pointed at the inanimate scale.)

4. I have an appointment with a new Pain Clinic on the 23rd. I hope they can offer me anything. Anything. Any. Thing. I’m having a hard time. I’d like to say lately but I can’t remember a time I wasn’t. Let’s cross our fingers!

Okay, so I totally meant to write about things coming up, like future plans buuut I got sidetracked at the spanks. Then Jack and got lost in YouTube land and watched youtube videos of Friends until there was one with clips talking about sex and I smacked that computer closed. Ohh well, next time, lol.

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Have a beautiful day,

with love Kate

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