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Hello my beautiful people,

How has your week been? Mine has been rather long. I actually thought it was Friday today, imagine my disappointment to find out it’s Thursday!! I was a bit extra disappointed seeing as Friday is my birthday. You think I’d have been able to get that one right, eh?

I was hoping to catch up on the Style Me Pretty posts earlier in the week but sometimes three children get in the way. The sick one is still so sick. If he’s not better tomorrow I think he might need to go back into the Doctor.  Fingers crossed that fever hits the road tonight!

Okay, let’s talk style and shopping today. Hurray!!! I’ve been working at Banana Republic for a couple of weeks now. I’ve had two fabulous Sunday shifts which I affectionately refer to as ‘Meet Me In The Square’. Both have been successful, it makes me so happy. My goal isn’t just to put pretty clothes on your body. I hope you’re seeing now that my goal is to help you realize just how fabulous you are. Both weekends I’ve gone overtime on my shifts, I just cannot leave the store (sorry boss).  I’ll admit ‘Meet Me In the Square’ is new and almost completely unadvertised so I don’t think people quite know what they’re getting into. As far as I’m concerned if you come to the store on Sunday you came because you wanted help. I hope I don’t come off as a full of myself fashion gal, because I’m not. Inside I’m still that shy awkward teenager who is just fumbling around. The difference is I’m much older, I know a little bit what my style ‘isnt’ and I have the time to research. This job isn’t about selling clothes, it’s about finding you. I have spent hours trying on these clothes, talking to Katie… the other Katie, our in-house BR style guru. As part of my official enrollment, I think I tried on practically everything in the store. I will promise I will try not to recommend you products that I don’t have faith in. I tell every person “Gita, I would not let you leave without looking amazing! This I promise you.” Only I insert your name here. Those are stories for another post.

Let’s talk this week’s look. This week I really wanted to be able to find something super comfortable, insanely versatile, and not crazy expensive. Lastly, it needs to coordinate with our first outfit Style Me Pretty-1,  because even better than 2 separate outfits, are two outfits that coordinate into 4 outfits.


Style Me Pretty 2


The idea here is that you can mix and match. Easily. No effort required. Every piece from last week’s outfit can swap into this week’s. How versatile is that?! Feel like wearing a skirt? Do it! Heels? Fabulous! Converse? With that outfit last week, that tule skirt! Tuck this week’s striped shirt in, blouse it a tiny bit, add a pop of red lips and aren’t you freakin adorable! Dress these outfits up with jewelry and makeup, add a blazer, cardigan and kabam you look incredible! Dress it down, add a sneaker, a t-shirt, a bicycle? You’re set for a casual day around town. I feel life is too short to worry about how we look. Dress the body you have, not the body you want. Wear what makes you feel good. Not just on the first day you buy it but after you wash it, after you forget what coordinates, let’s just make wardrobe easy! And then we’ll take life from there.

These rules are not rules. Go through your closet. Find what you have that you like. Don’t like a skinny leg? Have I taught you nothing?? Don’t wear it! Wide leg, straight leg, this is where our individuality comes through. We all have slightly different taste.

Alright so if you have any questions you want us to address send them over and we’ll put out BR fashion expert, the other Katie, on it.

Next week lets talk mom (or Dad) weekend wear. Imagine! You park the minivan, you’re 3 minutes late, as always. The kids run ahead, you grab that hockey bag and pull it by its ergonomically correct rollers. Someone super sexy magically appears and holds the door. You walk in, feeling like a hot bag of sweat. The other “on-time parents” turn. They stare at you… but this time, you smile, you wave, because you know you look amazing. They wave back, you all drink coffee and chat and laugh. The end. No drama! You look good!!! Easy peasy. We got this! Honestly, we got this.

withlove Kate

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