EASY Holiday Art 

Today’s post is 100% knock off inspired! We spend so much time trying to be perfect, original, amazing . . . but is it always best investment of time? I don’t know. Holidays should be fun and amazing. Let’s make them simple, easy and beautiful again. This DIY took more time to edit than it did to make!! I absolutely love the result. Feel free to tweak in any way you want. Pick your favourite print saved from years past or go ahead, splurge!! Even the most expensive wrap is worth it here.

So I can’t really take credit, I saw this wall in Chapters Indigo and fell a little in love. 

But . . . where to put it?  When we moved into the tiny house I struggled with how much to keep. I mean, what about art? I adore our family photos, holiday decor, all the art the small humans have made over the years. I was okay with condensing our family into a space a third the size. I was okay with letting go of most of our belongings. I, however, was not okay with letting go of our photos and artwork. Out of everything we own, these are my memories. The moments of my life. Stuff is just stuff, but these? These are my memories. Its hard to downsize from 3000 sq ft of wallspace to 900 sq ft. This is a whole new ballgame. So what does one do?

You keep it!!

I kept it all. No photos or magnificent art pieces were harmed during the making of this move. How you ask? I have no idea who said it but along the way someone very smart suggested to swap out our artwork. Save it all and rotate it. What an amazing idea!!  So now tucked safely under our bed is stash of art and photos. Now added to my collection is this one.

This project is as easy as picking your favourite wrap, a print or DIY artwork. Anything that makes you feel joyful and go for it! I’ve always been a huge fan of Buffalo plaid, it feels so Canadian and Christmas-y to me. In 2 easy seconds you can create your very own masterpiece.Grab any frame you have and sub in something festive for the holiday season. This is is honestly the cheapest and easiest project. The best part being after the holidays, slip that paper out and your original artwork is still good to go!

I hope you have a beautiful week planned. We are quite busy with appointments this week.  I think I have something every day, too much! I was hoping to sip tea, lounge about and think about decorating.  But alas no, the real world calls. Thursday I have a visit to the Pain Clinic. Check out my Instagram @withlove__kate , I’ll ask if we can video the nerve block, I find it super fascinating. I hope I haven’t grossed you out!  Friday we have a meeting with a child Psychologist about Benny as he still has PTSD from his accident. I mean we all do really, that was a big thing. I’m hoping for great tips on coping strategies,  I’ll share any good parenting/adjustment tips!

Until then, let’s focus! FOCUS!! We are all about decorations and DIY’s. Stay tuned for more holiday magic.

With love Kate

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