Nobody Quits The Gym

How is everyone doing style-wise? For the most part, I think I’m getting a groove on how to dress the body have. I’ve found the style I like. It feels minimalist, Mennonite, country, 80’s. So . . . basically a black and white wardrobe with hints of tulle. BUT, here’s the thing. That’s still not the body I want!!! Nope, not happening. Did you catch yesterdays video with Kristen? She is our new BFF!! Get excited! She’s a fitness trainer specialized in programs for injured members. Kristen is going to visit us every two weeks and I was thinking that if you want, you can come too!! It’s always more fun to work out with a bestie, even if it is over the big world wide web. What do you think? Want to lose 20 pounds with me? I think we got this!

This weeks workout can be adapted and done absolutely anywhere. Kristen is going to send detailed instructions for the exercises tomorrow. I’ll update as soon as I get them. That or else I can take embarrassing video and photos of myself at the gym here, let your imagination run wild. I’m sure the building already thinks I’m crazy living here with three kids. For equipment, let’s try and keep it super minimal, no gym membership required.

For tomorrow you will need:

5 and 10 pound weights. If you don’t have them use anything in your house; a bag of flour, a kids backpack, a kid, anything you bought at Costco.
And a balance ball
And that’s it!

Tomorrow when Kristen emails the workout I’ll post Part 2. Maybe we will include silly gym photos after all, something for you to look forward to, lol!

Wishing you a cozy little evening, happy dreaming and seriously, think about joining me on this journey. Spend the evening browsing for holiday party outfits and winter vacation swimsuits! We’re going to rock this, with ease!

With Love Kate

3 thoughts on “Nobody Quits The Gym

  1. Rana says:

    Oooooo, take me with! I have started to eat better and move more in the past month and I do need to keep that up – for my health and for my family. I have to be useful to them and involved for many more years. I have weights and a mat and a supportive man.

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