tiny house condo, living room, dining room, open concept area. Red roses, white walls, large tv on glass Ikea cabinet with Christmas lego and pretty tea set. Beautiful mirror and Shelley vanderbuild art.

3 months tiny house living

Can you believe we have been tiny house living for three months now?! I thought we’d do a little check in on how it’s going. If you’re new here, we are a family of 5 and a super pretentious puppy. We sold our three-story century home in the prairies and moved to the amazing city of Toronto for ONE year. Where we go next? I have no idea yet. For this year we are living in a 968 sqft tiny glass condo midtown in the city.


cocker-spaniel wearing a Hudson's Bay sweater laying on white sofa with head on pink pillow. woman's feet in bottom of photo as if she's taking photo from top down.

I swear I found him this way


So, how do I feel about tiny house living?

tiny house condo, living room, dining room, open concept area. Red roses, white walls, large tv on glass Ikea cabinet with Christmas lego and pretty tea set. Beautiful mirror and Shelley vanderbuild art.

A touch messy but okay

I love it! We have adapted so well. We had a rocky start with the move and settling into schools.

adorable ginger little girl, making grumpy scowl beautiful skyscraper view of the city, girl holding pink pillow saying, Early mornings, big shirts, messy hair, and books!

Yep! That about sums it up.

Husband took a wee bit longer to adapt to the smaller space, but even he is now settled in. We have got our groove back and overall we are doing pretty amazing.

Some things I’ve learned. Think about colour. This is a tiny home and I am a bit minimalist by nature. Not in that I don’t want stuff, but in that, I don’t want to see the stuff when I’m not using it. Storage space is at a premium in our home. We actually downsized really well and I had plans on how to increase our storage space, a flip-up bed, for example, but I found I didn’t need it. When we moved we had to downsize our bed and since this is only for a year, I’m breaking the mold and I skipped buying a headboard. Instead, I think I’d like to travel! Paris perhaps? Maybe Germany too, I hear they have fabulous Christmas markets!

Art. Again I love white walls, so we went minimal with the artwork. Like this!  Instead, I keep my favorite decor tucked away and I rotate it out. Where do I find the space? Under the bed! Fabulous use of space and no one has to see it.

Adhesive hooks and picture hanging strips are a godsend! I have used them to hang almost all of our decor. Pictures, artwork, towels. This is not my forever home. I don’t want to spend money on pretty hooks when I don’t get to keep them. I also don’t want to repaint when we leave so these are spot on.

You only need one. Everyone has 1 towel. I got tired of washing towels. With the amount of effort it takes to convince my small humans to bathe I should not have to wash that many towels. So everyone gets one! The kids each have their own colour. I know! Colour!! I chose these ones because I find them pleasing to the eye and that makes them sooo worth it! When you have to see everything all the time, you want it to be pleasing to you.


The boys have their own bathroom, which works out nicely for me. PBKids.


Everything has a home. This is a work in progress. As far as I’m concerned everything in our condo should have a home. If it doesn’t have a home, find it one! Bits of stuff all over the place drives me nuts. Inside the bins and drawers, I have given up. Let them be messy, I throw in the towel, but at least put it in the bin. This goes for everyone, not just children. Like… we don’t have anything to drill. Soooo…. why is that drill still be sitting in the closet? She asked with just a hint of displeasure.

Photo of the foot of the bed with buffalo plaid laundry bin, in the background Ikea 1X5 cube shelf with wicker baskets. minimalist scandinavian feel.

Bins! Laundry bins, wicker bins, all the bins!!!

We’re still learning, we’ll get this. This weekend I finally broke down and bought a shoe rack, very simple, all black,  and a dish soap dispenser, also all black. I tried to do without but the shoes need a home other than the living room and although I don’t want things to hang out on the counter, I also really like to have soap handy. Compromise, right?

Now to figure out how to decorate this beautiful space for the holidays! I’m thinking lots of traditional bright red, real greenery, and twinkle lights galore! If you lived here how would you decorate it? I love to hear your opinions!!!

With Love Kate

2 thoughts on “3 months tiny house living

  1. Rebecca Pellerin says:

    We have adapted well too! For Christmas we aren’t doing a tree. It would fit but we aren’t here. I do plan on getting out a bunch of lights though and putting them up on the selves the a few decorations.

    • thislovelydayca says:

      I put up lights last night! I’m going to get a table top tree. We love to eat at the island so we’re going to sacrifice the table for the tree.

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