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Hello loves, I hope everyone is having a fabulous fall. I thought I would share some updates with you.  Here’s a little Monday mail to keep you in the loop.

Kate Travels

If you haven’t heard, get excited!!! I am headed across the beautiful sea in search of Christmas spirit.

gold Eifel tower ornament with blurred pink Christmas ornament balls in the background


This will be my very first trip to Europe. (You: GASP!) I know, I know! I had this silly notion/lifelong dream. I hoped the first time I travel to Europe that I would fly myself there. In a plane. With people. With me, as the Pilot. But it seems that my neck surgery did not heal in a way that is likely to ever allow that. (See how I phrased that so eloquently? That’s a couple years of therapy there!! lol)  I do think it’s time to let go of another piece of the past. I see so many people in pain or with injuries who are waiting for a good time to travel. There is no good time, my loves. Feel crummy at home or feel crummy in Europe, sipping mulled wine at German Christmas Markets. This is the thing, it’s not a one-step process. It’s little steps and learning. I am honestly so excited to share this journey with you. We leave in 8 days. If you don’t have Instagram, now is the time to get it. Make sure you’re checking out the stories.

What are Instagram stories? Instagram stories are split into 2 parts. Live and story. Both stay up for 24 hours and then disappear. Stories are little snippets, photos, snapshots, 15-second videos. I post stories daily. Tonight the small humans and I did a live video unboxing an LOL Little Sister. I’m so sorry we did it directly on Instagram and I can’t save this one. Hurry and you can see it!! Our doll is soo cute!

Lily is a master of LOL’s. In case I don’t get the gift guide out in time, if you have any little girls 4-9ish, this is the gift to get. I’m sure you’ve seen them in the background all over our feed. We adore them. They are going to sell out in a heartbeat. I happen to know Indigo still has them online as we googled today. 035051548430

Another thing in the works is:

Kate Travels with THE FAM

We are a family of 5 undertaking the courageous act of family travel. Just kidding, our smalls tend to travel really well. Family travel is super easy, once you figure it out. What’s worth paying more for, and what’s NOT! If you’re looking to travel before the posts get out, it’s an insane busy next two weeks here, but if you want to book before my posts are up, please message me, email, Instagram me, anything. I’d be so happy to help you find the right spot. I also found an amazing travel advisor who was so essential for this booking. She was so honest and she really cared about what I was looking for. And we’re looking for a very niche market. This trip is all about relaxing on the beach with my beautiful family, taking photos, not caring about my weight, my future, just loving the moment. I can’t wait to share this with you, too. If anyone wants to spend New Years in Cuba…..

Kate and the FAM @ home

This post is honestly twelve posts in one, but I really want to share and catch people up. I feel I’ve been working so hard lately but completely neglecting sharing of the plan No one likes to be out of the loop.

So you probably noticed last week, Ben had dental surgery. My poor Benny has some pain related PTSD, unfortunately, due to the nature of his injuries, he has some tooth damage as a result (the pins made it hard for him to brush his teeth for about 3 months.  This combo makes the dentist a real challenge. It was unanimously decided that Ben needed to be put under for the surgery, they want to be as gentle as possible repairing it and he gets so upset touching it. He did fabulously, one tooth couldn’t be saved but it was a baby.  He has a little pain still but is amazing. 7 year old orange haired boy sleeping after surgery. Covered with soft blue blanket, bandage on wrist covering spot IV was.

They’re too young for all this. It breaks my heart.

Luckily, they recover faster than we do. I didn’t know when I became a parent that I would feel everything they feel. Sometimes it’s too much feeling. And then they randomly snuggle and you catch a photo.


And my heart melts.

Have a beautiful week. Check back for some awesome cookie recipes I’ve been sourcing out from the very best of the best! And this weekend we visited the Toronto Christmas Market! I’m still in awe. It was pouring rain and we still loved it. It might just be the most magical place in Canada. It’s time to dive into the holiday spirit, if you’re worried its too soon, it’s never too early to embrace joy.

little red booth, almost like a large red European phone booth, serving hot apple cider, cocoa and beer, Christmas greenery and red ribbon in black pots in front on a cobble stone street. So beautiful .

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

With Love Kate

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