Style Me Pretty goes to Europe

I think it’s really important, for me anyway,  to plan out my outfits when traveling. Style doesn’t necessarily come naturally to me. I have brought so many non-essential pieces with me on trips and thought, ‘What did I think I was going to wear this with?!’ So this year we are making a plan and sticking to some basic guidelines.


Rule 1: Every top shall match every bottom. This is simple and really maximizes what you bring with.

Rule 2: What do you want to look like in photos?  I really spent some time thinking about what I want out of my photos. Honestly, if you don’t really want to be photographed in it, don’t bring it!

Rule 3: FOOTWEAR!!! As far as I understand there is a lot, A LOT of walking in Europe. For me, shoes are so essential. You all know I love my little Miz Mooz Mary Janes but the reason is they are so comfy!!! If I wear the wrong footwear it can affect me for days, and I don’t want to miss a single second of this adventure!!! This winter I added a pair of the same brand in boots. I’m pretty sure the boots and shoes cover every outfit I have!

In the same line… I’m not a sneaker gal, and my neck honestly doesn’t let me run anymore. Let’s skip hauling them across the country, pretending like I’m going to a gym. Because all they do is stare at me with guilt the entire time. I’m just going to go ahead and admit right now those kicks are NOT getting worn. Let’s save the space and leave them home.

What to pack for a December European Holiday… let’s check out the official list.
Style me Pretty goes to Europe Footwear

Miz Mooz Bennet boot, Mary Jane shoe, a pair of flip flops for hotel/spa lounging.

Warm wear

1 wool winter parka, with fur trim.
European Outerwear
Keeps my face toasty warm! 2 sweaters. 1 long, 1 short. They can all be combined if it gets too chilly. 1 scarf and 1 toque (that’s Canadian for winter hat). This was actually a touch disappointing as I had 2 but lost the other in my tiny house. There is almost nothing as frustrating as losing something in a tiny house. We have bins! We have a place for everything. Where did it go???!

Travel day!

I like to be really comfortable when I travel, so again I put some thought into this. Being comfortable can make or break it. The final cut! A pair of black leggings, flowy white sleeveless top, long Cardigan, Mary Jane shoe. Underwear is as per, you do you! I chose to pack my winter coat and boots in favor of carting them through the airport. The temperatures are still fairly mild and I chose a large scarf which pairs with my sweater and doubles as a cozy wrap in flight!
What to wear when travellingIn my Bag

Passport, visa, pills! Those are most important. Everything else you can buy. The remainder of the list: Universal adaptor, camera, chargers (phone, camera, computer), selfie stick, computer, small pillow, iPhone, wallet, sleep mask. PILLS PILLS PILLS!* My bare minimum makeup ( mascara, eyelash curler, lips), socks. I like to have cozy toes while I travel. Shrapnel i.e. eurochange, I have great concerns about the bathroom situation. Apparently, there are ‘pay toilets.’ My mother used to tell me this story where she really really needed to go but all she had was a bent dime. Oh my gosh you guys?! I’ve had three babies!!! I will pee. The other day I almost went in the elevator on the way home. I had to do the dance and then the kids were teasing me like, ‘But what if I need to go first mummy?’ Honestly, I think I pushed one to the ground in the entryway and stepped on them. I don’t even know which one. The worst part is, I deserved it. Because of this:


Hahahaha. Gosh, I’m a jerk.

In my suitcase

(If you’re interested I can make a printable of any of these lists. Just message and let me know. )

3 pairs black pants/full-length leggings

1 pair black tights

4 skirts ~ I know, that escalated.

6 shirts

2 pairs Jammie’s, I’m currently into the sleepshirts, they pack delightfully.

1 pair tall boots

1 pair Mary Jane or favorite comfy shoe

1 pair flip flops

1 swimsuit

2 sweaters

1 scarf

1 toque (Canadian hat)

Makeup/hair accessories and products/toothbrush/deodorant


A snack- I brought chocolate rice cakes. Just in case, it’s always good to have a snack.

Undies are your call, I always bring more than I need. Everyone like options. (And spanks, I loove my spanks!)


Ziplock bags. Honestly. They always come in handy!!

*Medications: This really needs to be planned ahead of time. Some prescriptions need to be arranged if they will need to be dispensed ahead of schedule. Many of my medications cannot be picked up more than a day or two early. It can always be arranged but it may take a while so let your pharmacist know your travel dates and let them come up with a plan.

I’m off to explore sweet Paris. There must be wine and crepes with my name on it just waiting for me.

With love Kate

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