The Monday Mail

Okay, so good morning, good afternoon, good evening!! Its been so long you guys!

Here is the Monday Update!

Work Christmas party was this weekend. I’m sorry if you live in the city of Toronto and were hoping to have a drink. You can’t! We drank it all!!  Annnd…. I am officially old. I had electronic mom care for my children most of the day. I think they were delighted!

Europe: Totally happened! I have thousands of photos and stories. I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s skip ahead a touch and get straight to the drama. ‘Why the lack of photos?’ I know, I’ve been asked a lot. Well, let’s be honest, parts of the trip were not the best. I traveled with my sister-in-law for part of the trip and unfortunately, it won’t go down in either of our books as ‘Best Vacation Ever.’ Sometimes that’s just how life goes. So between that and the lack of internet, you got left out. Sorry about that but I plan to catch you up on everything over the next little bit.

Quick facts: I visited 4 cities in 4 countries. Paris, Aachen, Bruges, Amsterdam. Amsterdam was my least favorite. The Eifel Tower was the highlight of my trip. Apart from my phone dying and me not being exactly sure where my hotel was. I made it back, but solo travel, not for me. I need a buddy to hold my hand. It’s just more fun for me that way. Did you ever want to travel Europe with a backpack? I know that was the thing to do. I never did. I always knew I would visit Paris with a suitcase in hand. No hiking shoes or hostels for me. I’m too much of a scaredy cat.

Here are few of my favourite moments~

On the home front: how did husband do with three smalls? Really well. We imported grandma for the week.

The smalls: you may have seen on Instagram there is no grand Christmas photo this year. They sat nicely and posed for the camera. I know, I was so disappointed too. The sad santa torch has been passed.

On another note, the smalls are still struggling. Between Ben’s accident last year and moving, there is a lot of sadness left in this house. We’ve decided it’s time to bring in a professional. They absolutely adore her and look forward to going. I’m hoping it an bring a little happiness. An 8 year old should never feel as sad as mine does. We’ll be happy and playing and all of a sudden, the sadness. I don’t know what triggers it or how long it will last. A child getting hurt on the playground, an ambulance racing by. It breaks my heart.

Today we have emergency cookie baking, real juice, like pre-made in the 2L box (insert cheap mom jazz hands here) and chips! Nothing fixes you up like some cookies and cocoa! And Uno!

Okay so that’s all for today. Get ready to be completely wowed this month. Our favourite gifts, trip highlights. We are jam packed this month going places and seeing things. There may be a little sunshine in our future too! I hope you’ll subscribe and stay up to date with all our happenings.

P.S. I completely forgot about the husband’s work ‘spouses’ party. Someone is getting a super fancy emergency gift purchased from the grocery store down stairs. I know, right?! Lucky duck!

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