Remember the time ….we got naked?

Once upon a time, my best friend went to Germany and I distinctly remember her telling me about the pool. (whispers Loudly) ‘the NAKED POOL!’ In Europe, it turns out the ‘dress code’ is a touch different than here. In that, the dress code is no clothes allowed. None, zip, nada. Now let’s backtrack a little, I grew up in a never-nude house, quite proper. It’s just the way it was. Buuutt I never stopped thinking about that pool. Why are they nudie and we’re all covered up? Whats happening here?

I don’t know at what point exactly I made the switch. Somewhere between the rushed military basic training and motherhood, I lost my shy factor. Sometime after I had that beautiful 20-year-old body, I gained some lumps but I lost the shy. I think back and think if I had that body now…….I’d never wear clothes!

So this year when discussing my trip, a friend mentioned a Thermal spa in Germany.It boasts thermal worlds indoors and outdoors, hot pools, cold pools, indoors/outdoors, steam rooms, AND a sauna they bake bread in. BREAD! And of course….nudity. I immediately thought.. is this heaven? Fresh bread, hot room, nudie petutie.I’m a big fan of thermal spas to start. One of my favorite ways to spend a day. With my husband or a girlfriend, it’s always a nice recharge. No phones, no work, a little lunch, a glass of wine. It’s perfect. It’s almost that same tranquility I used to feel when flying. That isolated peaceful bubble and the world is perfect in every way. Probably also explains why I like our apartment so much. A peaceful little bubble in the sky.

So the spa. It sounds perfect right? And I’m curious. Super curious. Curious about being naked with a bunch of strangers, what’s it like, what do you do, where do you look, where don’t you look? What if I go in the steam room and can’t see and sit in a lap? I had a girlfriend do that once. ‘What’s this soft thing I’m touching? Ohhh that’s your lap….’ I laughed and laughed oh my gosh. But here, should I do it? Should I not?

And that’s how I came to be halfway across the world standing in a white towel in front of a swimming pool with nothing underneath.

Let the secret telling begin!

So what’s it like to stand in just a towel in front of a swimming pool and various hot tubs of naked people?

I’ll be honest, it exciting!! It’s fun. It’s new. It is nothing like we do at home. The funny thing is people aren’t outright staring, there’s no tension here, except the heart pumping in my chest. These people are chatting and giggly, some are peaceful, some are soaking, looking around. Nowhere is anything vaguely rude or inappropriate. It’s respectful. It’s peaceful.

I thought that being naked with other people I would be so self-conscious, and my heart is pumping. I’m definitely nervous. But standing there it reminded me of beach season, or every trip I plan down south. I spend months worrying about my weight, my shape, how will I look?Then I’m there and everybody is every shape and size, and happy! Happy I tell you. You are what you are, let’s embrace. Yes maybe we judge the guy in the tiniest swimsuit but I’d be sad if he stopped wearing it!

It’s almost as if the more clothes we wear the more awkward I feel. I’m a work in progress, you all know I’ve struggled since the surgery but no matter what size I am it always feels like maybe I could be better. What if we just stopped worrying so much and were free?

And so with one last thought of OMG what am I doing???img_6172-6

I dropped that towel!

Part 2! Depends on you!

I really want the site to take a little turn. I love all our pretty post but I also have SO MANY other plans, so many things I want to talk about. I’ve started to notice that I see the world in a different way. It’s brighter, it seems to lack time for anything we ‘should’ do. It has only time for what we ‘want’ to do. Over the coming months send me ideas of what you want to see. What to be a part of us picking houses? Want to help me pick sinks and faucets? Want to be updated on the kids progress more? Want to talk about sex and the red light district? I think we can semi-tastefully accomplish all of that. Don’t you? I think its time we all ‘drop our towels’. (wink wink, like how cheesie that was?) Ok no more of that. Ever!

For today tweet, email, FB me your questions, and I’ll answer them in part 2! Which I promise you will NOT have to wait for Monday for. Sorry about the delay here. Yesterday I was good, good, good, down! All of a sudden I hurt so badly and the world was too bright, so I basically went to bed at 2 in the afternoon. I got up at 3 to pick up a small ginger child and I went back to sleep at 4. These are some of the reasons I don’t have a reliable job. I just don’t know when it’s going to happen, I had no lead-up. Yesterday morning we were on Instagram, playing and happy and then, oh I’m done. I’m still slow moving today but at least I’m up and writing.

Okay so back to the spa and our sexy fantasies…. oh wait, is that not what we were all thinking about?………..Darn, just me.

Let me get you started on how far you can go here with your questions:

  1. Whats it like in general?
  2. What kind of people were there?
  3. Did I see any/many penises? Note* the plural of Penis according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is penises or penes, not, in fact, PENI or PENII as has often been suggested. So there you go, look at us, we’re learning!
  4. Now you go….. Let me know how much you want to know, because I am prepared to completely overstep all boundaries here and now, but only if it won’t offend.

Have a lovely day

with love Kate

6 thoughts on “Remember the time ….we got naked?

    • thislovelydayca says:

      I do like the no boundaries! And it’s so sweet of you to say that about my writing. That means so much to me. ❤️

  1. Rana says:

    It won’t offend! I love the pictures of you with the towel, your expressions are priceless and perfectly compliment what you are writing about. MORE! OF EVERYTHING!

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