Mother of 3 Abandons Family on wild naked holiday

And then I totally lied to you. I said you wouldn’t have to wait until Monday and here we are! Monday, again…. Sorry loves but I got caught up in the cocoa and snowfall. We went to Nathan Philips Square in Toronto to see the holiday festival. It was sweet. Not European Christmas market cute but the vendors were cheery and I do love the skaters,  and I did have mulled wine. But to get the wine you had to go into a metal fenced area and stand shivering in the pen. It was like daycare drop off for the moms.

Back to the curiosity of “European Social Culture” also know as “the nudie spa”.

Growing up I always heard that European women were more free. More free with their bodies but also more free with their ‘grooming’. We all saw Home Alone “Is it true European women don’t shave their pits?”. So now while I wondered if this was true, I personally am a bit prudish for that so I took care of business first. They might not shave their legs, but this mama does. Also, that myth is completely a myth, people were quite professionally groomed.

Alright, so big confession, as part of my preparation I may have sat nude by a mirror to examine which positions made my fat fold and which were more streamlined. I needed to know!


Legs shaved, waterproof mascara, check! I know how NOT to sit, so let’s pick up where we left off.  If you haven’t read the last post “Remember the time…” Check it out before you continue.

Now where were we…….oh yes, I dropped the towel!

I’m standing there completely nude, people all around. And nobody’s staring, but nobody is not looking either. It’s like a delicate balance of propriety, sexiness, complete fear, and exhilaration. This moment feels like an eternity but in reality, it’s so quick.  The first time I dropped my towel I scooted my tushy into the pool so fast!  Once you’re in shoulder deep it’s like anywhere else, except you’re free.

SO whats it like there? There is an indoor and outdoor area. I love the outdoors. There’s nothing like scooting from pool to pool on a chilly winter day. After dark, there’s a fireplace to sit and chat by. It’s really so lovely. Little bodies giggling and scooting from place to place. All the outdoor saunas are in little log cabins, that smell of cedar and sweetness. Like cookies in a winter cabin. I loved it.  So there are hot pools, cold pools, buckets of ice water you can dump on your head. The general plan is to go from warm to hot to cold and repeat. I think. And then its time for a little drink and dinner. Bathrobes are required in the restaurant. I like it that way. There’s something about people eating naked that I just don’t care for. I have limits.


Are people walking around naked? Some, yes, some no. Some people are walking about completely owning it, generally the older crowd. For the most part, people wrap themselves in a towel or robe as they move from spot to spot. The pools are fully nude. Saunas and lounge areas seem to be up to you. A towel is required to sit on in the sauna and you could keep your towel wrapped around you the whole time. But no one did.

Strange facts:

Skin tags on nipples are a common thing. I just thought I’d let you know. If you thought you were alone, nope. Lots.

Really hairy backs ick me right out when wet.

Penises are all SOOO different. For the sake of propriety let’s pretend I was pure upon marriage (even though we decided to have a baby first and get married second. Let’s just pretend, haha!) Honestly, they are sooo different! Not good vs bad. Just different. Did I openly stare? Umm, pretty much. Yep, yep. It’s hard not to. Sitting in the sauna, men tend to sit with a wide leg stance. It’s hard not to glance when it’s sitting right there looking at you. Small ones, big ones, really short ones that look like they’re hiding. So guys, if you were thinking, am I ok? YES, you are all set. No one looks like another and not once was I  “yick” it was more like ‘oh my’ and a blush. The entire atmosphere was very respectful and let’s be honest, its 2 in the afternoon and I’m looking at penises and not getting in trouble with my husband! Hashtag WIN.   For the record, the men were for the most part very well groomed.

How does my husband feel about all this? The spa itself he’s on board with. His family grew up traveling Europe and this was not a foreign concept. As for me going without him, I think he’d have rather come with. It has made for some interesting stories and kept him on his toes. I think when a lady has ‘options’ a gentleman is inclined to work a little harder. He doesn’t love me telling you the stories, but I think its time I start letting this side out. I may have called him and said ‘I just sat naked in a hot tub with 5 men!’ and then later “I had a salt scrub and outdoor shower with a woman’. You know, no big deal.

If you have the opportunity to go to such a spa, I say go for it! I know you think your body isn’t ready for it, but it is. As soon as you step out of that towel, you’ll see how incredibly beautiful you are. I told husband I think that is the most beautiful I’ve ever felt. There is something about being there, no one is categorized.  We are all equal and putting our vulnerabilities out there. No body is perfect, and yet every body is perfect. Everyone has some wiggly bits they’d rather not see. Or your size isn’t what you wanted. Good heavens, this is not the body I asked for!!! But it didn’t matter because you are beautiful, sexy, imperfectly perfect. Do I think people looked at me? Yes absolutely.  This may be an overshare but laying in the sauna with my eyes closed, stretched out in the heat in a tiny log cabin. Knowing that people are there, that people are all around, peeking, glancing, looking at you and all your physical faults, but without judgment. Just appreciating how beautiful we all are, is so very sexy. Sorry Husband, I’ll have to make it up to you and take you on a trip!

Oh Speaking of …..I hope you won’t resent me too much. But this is happening!

You can check out the spa hereCarolos I seriously think they should consider updating their photos gallery as its so much cuter than the pictures.

With Love Kate

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