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The countdown to Christmas is on and I hope you’ve finished your holiday shopping. BUT if you haven’t there is still time to be a hero. Most of this can be accomplished from the comfort of your chair! Or a quick/long meandering happy stop in Chapters. I’m not into the hustle of the mall this year but I can always putter in Chapters Indigo.

Here are our number one picks this year!
Our Favourite ThingsGifts for her:  Jewelry, you just cannot go wrong with Kate Spade. I’ve been using the Kate Spade Kitty fitness tracker for almost 6 months. I love it. Next level up the KateSpade watch is also a tracker, pair it with a pink scarf and you are one-stop shop complete! Hero? CHECK!  (Chapters Indigo)

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! We love shoes. MizMooz are my favorites, they make those little Mary Janes I always wear, I’m pretty sure they’re my signature ‘Katie’ item. Spouses: Peek at her size in her favorite pair to find the right size, and just in case check the exchange policy. MizMooz is fabulous, free shipping on returns.

Gifts For Him: Husband actually put a lot of thought into gifts this year. Probably because we live in a tiny house and I keep getting rid of our stuff! If it’s not awesome it can’t stay in our house. The Instapot! Yes, it is pretty fabulous. We use it a few times a week. I thought it was just going to be another gadget but it’s pretty neat. We make yogurt, sauces, eggs (I was super skeptical, I thought they’d be “wet’ nope, lovely.) I would save some money and skip the fancy Bluetooth options. The Sous Vide made the list after seeing it in use at a family dinner. My Uncle completely wowed Husband with it. Confession: I cannot cook chicken unless in a curry or similar. It’s the British in me I think. Always so dry.  Apparently, this will solve that. And last, coffee. Anything COFFEE related, beans, pots, frothers, books, hand grinder, all big wins in our home.

Gifts for Boys: (my boys, also great for girls!) Lego (Minecraft specifically for us), the KANO computer coding kits are AWESOME! The Bad Guys books or Diary of a Wimpy Kid. If your kids aren’t reading or aren’t really ‘into’ reading, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are great. We started with books on tape and have graduated to reading them together and now alone. The whole family enjoys them.

Gifts for Girls: LOL dolls are our number one pick this year. Coming in a close second Hatchimals. Not shown but completely loved, Mini Mouse. Shirts, lip balm, socks, headbands, anything!

Almost everything on our lists came from Indigo and Amazon. It’s just so easy when they ship it to your door. If you click the gift guide above it should take you to Olioboard, (where I make the pretty picture boards) from there you can click the pictures to go directly to easy Hero shopping street. Have fun shopping and don’t forget to enjoy the season.

With Love Kate

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