Tiny House Living ~ 5 months in

Kate Shaw and Family downsized from a giant house in the prairies to move across the country and live in a 900 Sqft sky rise condo in Toronto. New life, new home. Follow for updates and recaps on the adventures in the city and tiny house living with three kids and a dog.

Monday Mail

Welcome to the Monday Mail! Sometimes slightly late and published on Tuesday.... (blushes apologetically). This week it's full disclosure on the new house project, remodelling the kitchen and sharing your design horror stories!

The Lake House Project

The week were are prepping for Kate and co.’s house inspection of the recently purchased dream home. A 200 year old partially renovated lake house in Prince Edward County Ontario. Crazy kids! We’ll meet with her contractor and the inspector to find out any crazy secretes this gone may have. follow this journey as we transform this already awesome home into a magical dream Lake House!