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Hello my favorite people,

I do hope you’ll forgive my silence. December was such a busy time and I know I left you hanging there. I anticipated having more time in Cuba to just sit and lounge, write blog posts, while drinking lemonade in a fedora. Some of that came to be true but not exactly in the glossy movie way I envisioned. I did drink a lot of spiked lemonade. I also had a fairly severe allergic reaction to the mosquitos in Cuba. This led me to the gift shop to purchase some bug spray, not something they usually stock there, FYI.  The wonderful lady said she would get me bug spray but also said, “You, lady, need to go to the doctor, NOW! You go right now!” So I did and then the doctor was all, ‘Oh, you get on the table now.’ And she jabbed me in the tush with a giant needle. And I felt soooo much better. So turns out perhaps I need some allergy testing.

Let’s fast forward a minute, we’re on the plane on the way home and a woman 2 rows ahead of me sneezed. And sneezed. And sneezed again. And I knew it. I felt it come for me. All last week I laid very still, took antibiotics and slept a lot. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook there are updates and photos, just not as many as normal. Today I think I am finally on the mend. I have pain clinic today and I think I’m well enough to drive myself, last week I was just too dizzy.

Okay, so let’s start diving into all the insane things that have happened this past month. The biggest and probably most exciting is WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Do we have a posting message? Nooooo. Are we crazy??? Yeeessssss!

No, just kidding guys. We actually put a lot of thought into this. You all know that our boys have really struggled with this move. I see now that before we lived in the perfect community. We had a nice house, with lovely neighbors, constant playdates, a cottage in the summer, all we needed was a picket fence. It was a hard decision when we left because, despite all that perfectness, I wasn’t happy. I was lonely, so, so lonely. I had lots of friends but I didn’t have people I sat in underwear with, eating Indian food. The last year it really started to change, and I think all along it was me protecting myself and not opening up. It’s hard to make friends as a grown up. But the ball was in motion and we were moving. There are so many things that have been great and amazing but the kids are lonely and unsettled. It’s not just the move, it’s Benny’s accident, it’s my surgery, or as the kids say, my “broken neck” which technically is kinda true. It’s ALL the baggage. I couldn’t take all the baggage, I needed a fresh start. So for that Toronto has been amazing. BUT where do we go now? We know with some amount of certainty that we will end up in Trenton in the next couple years. If not this year, then we hope next. So what do we do? Move to another city for one year, then move again? My mom guilt kicked in and I just cannot do it. I know so many people do but the smalls need to settle. They need to play hockey again, to go to speech therapy, to go to therapy therapy. We don’t talk about it a lot but the Ben accident thing is still dominating our lives. We haven’t made peace with it yet. So no matter what happens the plan now is that the smalls and I will live in Trenton and Husband will commute. Plans change all the time, so I’m still ready to roll with it. I mean if they said, hey you want to live in Hawaii, umm see you later I’ll be waiting for you on the plane.

That’s our big news. I have about a thousand posts I could write so if you have anything specific you’d like to hear about let me know and I can bump it up the list. Some of the posts on the list are family travel/vacation booking tips, we can talk all about Cuba, Paris, Amsterdam…. my new favorite shops, and of course so much on the house! I’m waking up my Pinterest, check out all the boards entitled ‘The Lakehouse……”

How have you all been? Leave me a note in the comments, I love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “The Monday Mail

  1. Rana says:

    Hi Kate! I’ve been really good! We’re all healthy and active and getting more active again feels right. I am SO excited about your new house. I spent a weekend in Vancouver this month and it was nice to be away from my family for a short bit and it was nice to see the big city and eat city food and it was also nice to come home.

  2. kateluthner79 says:

    was wondering how you were! Cuba sounds ideal given our current temperatures… I’m glad you had the city life but I think you made a great choice finding your next home sooner. You did rock the city life 😉

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