The Lake House Project

Oh you guys, my excitement over this project is off the chart. I am so freakin’ excited to be sharing this with you. I can hardly believe its happening. I mean, who buys a house after seeing it in a rush 2 days before Christmas? Who does that? I didn’t even walk around the outside of the house. There’s an entire room we’ve forgotten, cannot remember what it looks like, lol. These are lessons I think we should have learned by now but basically we repeat time and time again. I think it’s 3 times now. The last house we actually looked at 2 or 3 times but we only looked at one house, we’re not into shopping around, apparently. I like to say that we’re just so good at picking houses that by the time we see one, it’s basically a done deal.

This time I was actually surprised. I had no intention of purchasing this house. I was really smitten with it but I thought we’d show up and it would have low ceilings, the lot wouldn’t be as great, or the area would be terrible, and basically that husband would veto it. But the Prince Edward County is so lovely, there are festivals and bakeries and vineyards and beaches for days. The houses on the street were mostly well decorated for Christmas which means a) kids or at least b) people who get me. And the house . . . the house is so swoon worthy. For privacy reasons now the only photos I can show you are the ones on MLS but I have put in a request to take photos, and Instagram Stories (my FAV!), when we go for the house inspection (this SATURDAY!). I also invited the seller to stay for the house inspection. I don’t think buying has to be so secretive and distant, we’ve agreed on a price, now let’s be friends.

For now, here is what I can share: I have some big thoughts in my head on what we’re going to do. You need to get ready and be prepared to keep me in line. For now, I’m trying to keep the focus on what I KNOW I like/want, my must-have list, if you will. I’m working on a number of design boards but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself yet. Fortunately for me, the Toronto Interior Design Show is in town this week!  Bam Bam! How fabulous is that timing? I have a hot date with a handsome man and we are going to look at sinks, sliding doors, pocket doors, kitchens, counters. Ohhh the counters . . .  I’m so torn I love Carrera Marble but husband loves red wine. They’re not the best of friends. Anyone have experience with white counters? I’d love to hear all your advice. I’d also like to know what are your favourite things in your home? Design elements: an ace Ila cabinet to hide spices, garbage cans that don’t get messy, should I panel the fridge to look like cabinets, favourite fireplace trends, decks. Throw it all at me!

Okay, let’s get kitchen planning!!! Keep in mind I want to maximize the view when planning.

You’re all invited for a floating donut party this summer. ❤️

With Love Kate

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