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My sister-in-law sent me a photo of this book earlier in the month and I have been dying to get my hands on it! I tried to pick up a copy from the library but it is just too popular. I finally found a copy at Indigo and it is SO GOOD!


I’m pretty much obsessed all things home these days. This week I was able to attend the Toronto Interior Design Show, I loved it! We went opening night and it had such a fun vibe. There was wine, people were dressed incredibly. A lot of tight black clothes and tiny gorgeous people. Except me, I’m just a regular person. The timing could not have been more perfect as we had the house inspection 2 days later. I asked a few design friends as well as our contractor to meet us there during the inspection. Honest to goodness you guys! I am officially declaring this the A team!

So, what are the plans? At this point, everything design wise is still on the table!  Having just been to the design show really helped us visualize projects and think about what we needed to ask the inspector, the contractor and the designers. We were able to narrow down a few points.

  1. Some walls must come down. Must.
  2. I have always wanted dark hardwood, dark but with warmth. The problem is most of the main floor was recently replaced with a nice beigey hardwood. I discussed all the options with the team; sanding, matching, staining. At this point in the project, with so many unknowns that could come up, it just doesn’t make financial sense. It’s new floor, it’s light. Maybe I’ll love it???? We need to replace the kitchen floor, maybe an updated white hex pattern? I’m loving all the large hex tiles.
  3. The layout of the kitchen is driving me crazy. I have all these little cut outs of fridges, stoves. Where do we put it all?
  4. We need to prioritize projects. We need to really sit down and make our top priorities list. The problem with this is that husband is so tied up with work right now. I don’t really want to ask him to participate and distract him/I want to make all the decisions myself (small evil laugh here). Then I start to think well I should think of him a little, so I’m trying to think about what he might want as well and ask him opinions when I think he might be listening. Ugg, a conscience is so hard to deal with!
  5. I really want to consider efficiency in this house. Remodelista has some fabulous ideas on that; for example a charging drawer. This has been added to my must do list, right along with spice organization and vertical cookie tray storage.

Let’s talk projects and vibe. I have been scouring the internet for kitchen designs, photos, style. I always come back to a while kitchen with a certain ‘vibe’. I wasn’t sure what made the vibe until my designer pointed out it’s not just the white and the windows but also the lighting. Oh my gosh! The lighting!!! The kitchens I am drawn to tend to have glass fixtures. I hadn’t noticed but as soon as it was pointed out I could see it. They have clean lines and they don’t distract from the space. This kitchen has actually been on my pin list forever.

beautiful kitchen inspo, farmer sink, modern, farmhouse, gorgeous, kitchen, light, breezy, airy, kitchen

I have loved this kitchen for so long that when I saw our new house it felt like home. Beautiful kitchen inspiration.

Beautiful farmhouse kitchen, white floor, barn boar, reclaimed hardwood, white tile floor

This has so much potential. I just need to make sure we do it right. Planning to take down the walls between the kitchen and family room, AND the walls between the breakfast and dining. Thoughts on the plan?

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts thus far. Imagine this is your home and almost anything is possible.
What is off the table? (for now)

Changing exterior walls, UNLESSS adding larger doors or windows. No additions are currently planned. There is plenty of space, we just need to figure out how to best use it.

We are not replacing existing floors except the kitchen, The floor in the dining and foyer are original 200-year-old floors, I have been told by husband they are staying. I like them, so that’s lovely but I’m absolutely going to pretend I am somewhat cross. This isn’t mean, well not exactly. A few years ago in a moment of weakness, I told husband he could choose the fireplace if we were ever installing one. At the time I didn’t realize he wanted hunting lodge style. So now I’ll take any leverage I have here to get that back under our control!!

Other things I am thinking about are asking Veterans Affairs to have an Occupational Therapist assess our home, take a look at the kitchen and make it as ‘accessible’ as possible. Sometimes small ideas make an amazing difference, maybe they will be able to fund a couple projects that would add to my quality of life. I’d love to move the laundry upstairs and modifying the shower to add a seat. Not like old lady plastic! Built in, light grey marble tile? Those two things would be AMAZING!!!

Later in the week, let’s talk upstairs projects. I have so many ideas! For now check out my Pinterest, anything labeled ‘The lakehouse….’ is the current project. Send me comments, suggestions, nothing is over the line. The plans are all in flex so let’s hear your tips, advice, horror stories. I want it all!

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With Love Kate

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