Tiny House Living ~ 5 months in

We are 5 months into tiny house living. To recap, we are a family of 5 and 1 super pretentious dog, all living in a 900-ish sq ft condo in the city. We previously lived in a 3000 sq ft house in Winnipeg (that’s dead center Canada if you’re not familiar), for the full story check out previous stories; Well Hello TO and this and this and this !

In the beginging:


Clean white living room, big windows, sold!


We fell in love with this view


This is still a work in progress.

When we first moved in we decided to put the boys in the master bedroom, with the en-suite bathroom. The other option was to place them in the second bedroom BUT, then they would get the best view and after bedtime if they went to the loo, they would walk through the living room, where I’m likely watching Scandal/Outlander (mmmm Jamie) or some other inappropriate-for-kids show, and that did not sound relaxing. At all! I need a little mama down-time after bedtime. This plan has worked fabulously and I have no regrets on having a smaller space. Because we knew this going in we chose furniture that would work. It’s been a good opportunity to expand my style comfort zone, I feel very Scandinavian minimalist, except for all the things shoved in closets. Let’s just ignore that.

Now while I don’t think this is our forever space there is so much I love. Number 1, I love the view! It gives me such a peaceful perspective. Living on top of a grocery store and liquor store is going to be so hard to give up! I also love having a garbage chute, the sauna, someone is always here to sign for packages. Small conveniences, totally love them all.

How does Henry, the pretentious sweater wearing cocker spaniel, like it? Well, we’re still working on Henry’s use of the “porch potty.” Mostly we just take him downstairs. He doesn’t love the cold or the salt on his feet but he gets plenty of exercise tearing around with the smalls. I think he likes condo living. He’s currently sunbathing on the couch. We do apologize for his lack of Instagram presence lately, he had a hair cut and they took it right down to the hardwood. He looked like a sad kangaroo.

What I don’t enjoy as much: You need to be efficient and everyone needs to contribute. The pile of laundry and toys have no where to hide. You really need to think about where you keep everything. Doing loads of laundry and planning to fold them at night? Awesome, but where do they go in the day? All easy solutions, just need a little thought or they can build up and overwhelm really quickly.

Tiny house living really requires a team effort. I don’t feel like we ‘need’ more space, we need to be more efficient, and honestly, I need a housekeeper/helper. Husband is so busy with work, and he really does a lot at home, but when I’m not feeling well, it’s hard. There’s not enough time to do everything. I think we’re going to have someone come and take the pressure off, to help with things I have difficulty with. Laundry: too much arm motion, I can do it but the follow-on effect means I will take more medicine and do much less later. Not a good energy exchange.  If we could set ourselves up a little better so when I’m not feeling well we can stay on track, I think we could be happy here forever. (Husband may argue that, lol.) But the kids and I do love it. This is our happy place. Pool, grocery, movie room, toy stores, we got this! If only it had a lake ……

What I’ve noticed most when I scroll back over our photos from the last few months, I can see that this is still us. No matter where we go, still us, still loveable smalls, pretty flowers, birthdays, holidays.  We’re home wherever we are.  🌺


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  1. FindMoreMeaning says:

    Oh my gosh! Those windows! That view! No wonder you fell in love. I’m thinking about moving into a smaller space from my one bedroom apartment, and I’m curious to follow along your adventures!

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