projects, projects, projects

This week has been all about projects, projects happening, projects coming up, all about the projects!

Number one, the house is taking over. But not in a sad OMG, all I’m going to see is boring white pictures. No! This is real living, this is still me. I promise, it won’t be boring. This week I am hoping to meet the contractor at the house and do a little project planning. Can you believe it will be ours March 1st?  Let’s talk kitchens real quick. What do you love/hate? I need your advice! I want all your stories, good and bad, give up the details please!! I am pretty sure I’ve decided to go with a kitchen contractor vs Ikea. I find it a bit overwhelming, figuring out what goes where and how to be most efficient. I’m also planning on having an Occupational Therapist (OT) come in and make suggestions on how to best modify the kitchen to my needs. I have trouble with the heavier items, I think I need drawers, not cupboards. Climbing into the back of a lazy susan? Never again! What do have, or have you seen that you love/hate?

Other things I’m looking at for the house are finishings. The first thing I look at in a home are the finishings and specifically the trim. If you used cheap looking trim, then you probably cheaped out on whats behind the walls too. I like to put a lot of thought into products, probably too much, actually.  I want to make sure the products I pick really flow through the entire home. I saw Metrie  speak at BlogPodium last year and I knew instantly I wanted to use their products when we bought a home. They were lovely, sweet and funny.  I loved their companies background. As much as possible, I’d like to use products with a Canadian background, and their products are totally gorgeous! I just took their style quiz and my style is French Curves, ohh la la!

I’m also in love with these doors and have been brainstorming how to work them into the house. 

We have so much shiplap I don’t know if I’m going to be able to work the curves in.

I think I might have to go more along the square lines to work with what we have. I’d like to bring some samples with when we visit the house this week. 

Whats your style? P.S. The quiz does not work from your phone, get out the ipad or computer!

With Love Kate

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