The Monday Mail~10

  1. You may have noticed little changes happening on the site. Well this last month I haven’t had as many blog posts but I swear I was working hard. I was learning “the internet”! Yay me! I’m still freakin’ terrible, BUT, check out my home page and the menu at the top! I have finally figured out how to group posts!! Like Monday mail, which continues to be more reliably known as ‘The Tuesday Post’. Lets pretend like that’s our secret, shhh. Regardless of the day, they’ll be together!! OMG! I know this is super easy for some, but gosh I struggle so this is amazing!! From now on if you want to catch up on “The Monday Mail”, click the main menu “Monday Mail”.

I’m working on grouping posts into the right categories. Give me time but it’s happening! I think it’s time we number them. So let’s just start at 10 and go from here!

2. I’m hoping to get to the house this week with some product samples. Trim, baseboard, etc. I just can’t choose without seeing the products in the house. I think we need a sense of scale. There are so many choices and I need to see a few different styles in place to know which direction I want to go. I’d like to tell you in words how I want the house to feel buuut, I can’t.  Lol. It’s hard to turn ‘a feeling’ into a look. I’m on it though, I just may need a little help. Who’s ready to do some polls???

3. Who is NOT on Instagram yet? If you’re not on yet I’m telling you, it’s time. It takes 2 minutes, not including the 10 hours you spend agonizing over your profile name.

STORIES~ little tidbits, photo or mini videos 15 seconds max, they can play consecutively. I’m obsessed with Jillian Harris’ stories on IG. She’s so honest and lovely.

That’s the skinny from here. Hope everyone is surviving winter ok. I’ll make sure to fill you all in our cabin adventure of last week. Winter staycation? Completely worthwhile. Have an amazing week everyone!

With Love Kate

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