Beautiful flowers in a white apron front sink, double handle classic lines chrome faucet, set in front of beautiful white windows.

Monday Mail 02-12-18

Hey hey loves! What do you like better? Monday Mail 11 or Monday Mail 02-12-18? Just something I was thinking about.  I was also thinking that it’s about time we up the content. I think we’re ready for 3 posts a week. What do you think? I’m also working on some video for you. I’m thinking about grouping my Instagram video’s together so that those of you who refuse to join IG and FB can still watch. You won’t be able to do the polls but at least you’ll get to see my beautiful face!!

K New Things

I joined Jenny Craig last week. So far, the food is amazing. I like how it’s all done and I can just focus on making the smalls food and not worry about how to minimize the calories. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, what I like and don’t like. The food is honestly delicious, way better than the grocery store frozen meals. So far I haven’t lost any weight but Pickles are on the acceptable snacks list and I might have eaten an entire jar. I know, I’m ashamed too. But not as ashamed as when I tell you I then got another jar and ate half of that. Yeah… I’m that girl. When all that sodium leaves my body I’m excited to see if I’ve lost weight. I think yes!

I started yoga a few weeks ago at Yoga Tree, Toronto. I’m loving it. It’s a balance to learn which classes are for me but I’m getting it. Today I had an amazing class. It was just so good and so peaceful, but with sweat.

I love how in the beginning of yoga class when we set our intention. What do I want or need out of this practice? Recently I find myself giggling when we do this because my intention just flies out of me! I want to have ‘me’ time, no kids, be alone, nobody touching me.  I want to have completely selfish, uninterrupted me time.  I love those smalls but mama needs a little downtime. For today my intention was ‘crushing it!!!’,  finding my strength, and making my body badass!’ Then I wonder what other people think about?

Banana Republic. I haven’t been to Banana in some time. I absolutely love it there, the staff is wonderful and the clothes!!!  So beautiful, The only issue is that it’s not a close location. I have to drive about 45 minutes and in order to drive I have to minimize my pain medication and that can set me off if I’m having a bad day. I requested a transfer to a store closer to me. Fear not, we will have spring style inspirations!

The lo-down on my neck; I see a surgeon next month. I don’t feel very optimistic about this particular dr. I have a sneaking suspicion that my previous surgeon recommended to simply stay the course, do nothing, send me to a pain clinic. I suspect this because he wrote a letter in which he said exactly that.  Maybe it will be amazing and he’ll help, I’ll cross my fingers. My pain clinic is actually going really well. We did a new injection last time, deeper, more in the core area. Its been so good. Probably the best my neck felt in years. I like that!!!

I cannot stop thinking about kitchens! Specifically my new kitchen design. Can you believe its only weeks away?  I’m so excited to show it to you!  One of my priorities is I really want everything to have a place. I want it to be beautiful beyond measure, but also very functional and easy to use. I think it’s important to choose the sink, and then build the kitchen from there. I’m looking at Blanco sinks, my MIL has one, we have one here in the condo, they all have nice finishes and wear well. One of husbands pet peeves in the old house was the kitchen sink had scratches, which makes it hard to keep clean. By the way, do you know how many sink choices there are? And accessories? We’re going to have to do a post on just sinks.

Beautiful flowers in a white apron front sink, double handle classic lines chrome faucet, set in front of beautiful white windows.

I could stare at Monika Hibbs sink all day!

Are you guys getting ready for some serious voting? This week we’re looking at sinks and accessories, interior finishings, the stairs, banister, doors. So get ready and check often. There is so much on the go this week! Insider tip: We’re going on a field trip! Get excited!!!  EXCITED!!!

How was your weekend? Those with small humans, did you survive ok? I hope you got some naps in!

Have a beautiful week.

love Kate

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