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This is my happy place, my crazy yet lovely little world.  Formerly known as This Lovely Day, KATE SHAW is life blog. This is the story of us….  Our family had a rough few years, and so we quit. We quit ALL the “should’ do’s of life. We sold our hundred-year-old renovated 3200sq foot home, moved across the country and are city living in 900 sq ft on the 30th floor of one of the biggest cities in North America.  Three kids and a dog, no problem!! (eek)

Some of my major life skill qualifications ~ pilot, mother, wife, bestie, kindness police, small human lover, decorator, writer, tiny house living, chronic pain, photographer, storyteller, traveler.

Quick facts that make the stories make sense ~

  1. I was a pilot in the Air Force and I injured my neck. I had a C5/6 Fusion. It did not heal as hoped. It has been a total life changer, I manage life and chronic pain, but no more work for me. I loved flying. Loved.
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  3. The oldest small human had heart surgery at 5 months old. He’s 9 now, lovely and healthy, but we do checkups every 12-18 months and live in the unknown fear of having to do it again. It’s a full 50/50. Shoot someone remind me to book that appointment. Cross your fingers!
  4. Middle small human was struck by a car running a yellow light. He almost died. He suffered internal injuries, a fractured pelvis and the left side of his jaw is completely destroyed. He had surgery and they pinned it in place, he had external pins for 12 weeks. We also don’t know if he will require surgery for it again, we have to wait and see how it goes. He is an official miracle. The driver never spoke to us again.
  5. My husband and I do not have a perfect marriage. He never puts things away, sometimes I want to smother him. Then I try to and we start to giggle. If we’ve made it through this much, surely we must be meant to be.

And so that’s us.  Welcome, ask questions, follow Facebook and Instagram for the most current stories, photos, and videos. Links top right. We love DIY projects, house flipping, crafts, baking (as long as you do it, I’m tired), nudity, wine, the beach. Ohhhh we LOVE the beach!! Stay tuned to see where we move in 2018. Do we build, do we buy? I don’t know the answer yet but it’s going to be an amazing story no matter what!

I try to post a minimum of Mondays and Thursdays but occasionally life throws us off. Click Subscribe to stay current in the loop.

Have a beautiful and amazing day. Try to do something nice, no reason, just because you can.

With Love Kate














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