beautiful serene white room with 4 foot Christmas tree on white table, decorated with multi colour ornaments, pink, gold, turquoise, gold star on top, beautiful

The most wonderful tree ever

Holiday decor in a tiny condo. What do we do? It’s been years since I decorated a space of this size. I’m used to being able to spread holiday decor inside and out. What does an avid Christmas lover do in a tiny home? I have no idea, but it’s going to be INCREDIBLE! (Note the use of giant red font, let’s get excited here!)

My big problem ~ THE TREE

beautiful serene white room with 4 foot Christmas tree on white table, decorated with multi colour ornaments, pink, gold, turquoise, gold star on top, beautiful

I’ve been crushing on this adorable tree for ever!

The tree issue has been on my mind for some time now. What do we do about this tree situation? I am a real tree type of gal. Every year we gather the family on a freezing cold Saturday morning, remember we’ve been living in the great Canadian Prairies, and it was FREEZING! Every. Single. Year. Freezing. We would bundle up and head out to our favorite tree shop. We’d hope it was warm enough for a horse-drawn sleigh ride and we’d argue over how big of a tree we could possibly fit. My favorite tree was following that disastrous deployment where I had three small humans under 5 and I almost lost my ever-loving mind. I won the battle that year. Hard!

view from in the house looking out on a snowy yard, 2 men carrying an 18 foot Christmas tree

Yep, that’s about right!

Base of 18 foot tree filling the living room, it's light up with a million white lights, pink red and silver ball ornaments, presents under the tree,  chair tucked in corner blocked by tree,

Furniture is overrated. I think it’s a perfect fit!

taken from the street at night, three story tree lit up with white lights, sticking out the roof of a house. Oversize Christmas balls hanging from pergola, best Christmas tree ever!

Yep, thats a perfect fit!

I asked if we could do it again this year. We’re so high up, I thought we could maybe…..I was shot down pretty quick. Maybe I should have been pretending to dislike this short posting. Darn!

So what are we planning here? I have some ideas, but I’m not exactly sure. This week we really started rolling out the holidays. I discovered that although we “downsized” and I gave up soo much holiday decor, it still turns out that most of our storage locker is in fact Christmas. I guess when it came time to decide what was important I made my priorities clear. I loved opening all the bins and seeing ‘our things.’ It brought that feeling of home. Most of it will not be used this year, but turning over every ornament and seeing all our years of kid-crafted ornaments, hand-painted ornaments, and Santa photos. It reminded me that home is home, no matter where we go.

As for what’s going up? I’m trying to keep the minimalist, elegant feel in our home. I am really quite smitten with this home. We’ve been here only three months, we have only 7 months left, but it feels like home. We’re settling in. We’re finding happy here. Home really is where the heart is.

Check back and see what we’ve decided on! I think it will be a very fluid project. We may have to try a few things out and see where it goes. The stockings in the video have come down already, it wasn’t the feel I wanted. Now, where should that sled go? I’m thinking we could swap the sled in where the stockings were hanging. Husband is going to be quite thrilled when I ask him to mount the sled horizontally 7 feet in the air. I also need a little shelf or hooks just above the sled so I can mount boxwood, greenery and berries. I can see his face now. This will be my view! We all have important jobs, I take mine seriously!

Woman drinking wine in a chair fairly smushed into the Christmas tree shown above

See, that chair was still totally usable!

One thing I know for sure, the Santa photos are keepers! Have you seen our Santa photos? Epic. OMG. Epic. That’s a post for another day. For a sneak peak check out @withlovekate on Instagram and Facebook! Have a fabulous day!!!

With love Kate


Style Me Pretty

A new series I thought we’d have a little fun with is Style Me Pretty. Outfits, fashion, jewelry. Everything pretty, fabulous and fun.

This week I had a beautiful day planned at Banana Republic, photo’s of classic navy overcoats, beautiful dresses. Buuut…. unfortunately sweet Benjamin was under the weather and I pulled husband out of work last week so I could meet Prince Harry. Sooo I kind of played that card already, lol. In lieu of me in store, I bring you ‘Style Me Pretty.‘  (Jazz hands here please!)

Today’s outfit is brought to you with style advice from Banana Republic store manager, Katie. I know right?! We love her already. The Katie’s are taking over!! Missed the big news? Check HERE!

Design board showing Banana Republic grey tulle skirt and black crew neck long sleeve sweater with ruffle cuff. Also shown Banana Republic statement necklace,  black and gold and sparkly jewels, 3 small ruffle flowers on one side. Two Kate spade gold bangles, one plain, one with bow, Kate spade black with gold accent fitness tracker with simple gold face rim and kitty  ears. Miz Mooz black Mary Jane  shoes

Versatile and put together, this outfit is soft, classic and flattering on just about everyone.

This Style Me Pretty is focused on a pulled together outfit and size appropriate clothing.

Katie’s style advice of the week: Don’t be afraid to size up!!!

Wish to know a little secret? I buy clothes in all different sizes!!! I’ve shopped in the plus section of stores. I think that’s okay. I also buy shoes in the kids section. I bought these BOOTS last week from the kids section.  Dress what you’ve got, right?! P.S. they’re fab and I’m going to wear them with this skirt too.

A good general rule when shopping a store is to try on different items and get a baseline for your size. I know I’m somewhere in the 10-12 zone lately. This is a hard number for me, I was half those numbers less than 2 years ago. Life happens. Should I keep wearing the clothes of the old me? Or should I just admit that this is where I’m at right now and dress my body so I feel good?  There’s another option of eating my feelings in the closet whilst I cry softly into a baguette. I choose happy today!! This doesn’t mean that I’m trapped in this number forever. Tailoring is an easy solution for when I work my tush off and shrink back down. Other things I consider when looking at sizes is how I want to wear the item, the fabric stretch and what look I’m going for. An XL sweater off the shoulder, cute jeans, a little gold necklace, and shades. An amazing look. EXTRA LARGE! Doesn’t matter, still adorable. With this tulle skirt, we (the Katie’s) chose a soft black sweater with a simple ruffle cuff. This meets two of MY main fashion goals. A timeless multi-purpose piece, with a touch of detail. As a bonus, this sweater is super soft and appeals to my super sensitive skin.

So there you go! Style me Pretty post number one! Tips, comments, or advice? Let me know and send your questions. We’ve got this!

With love Kate