Update: We have since moved to the big city of Toronto! Some ironic things are we have downsized from our beautiful 3200 sq ft century home to a 900 sq ft condo in the city. Check out our before and after photos below!

The Beginning & Welcome 

Welcome to The Rose House. Seven years ago when we were posted to this city, we bought a 1600 sq foot house for ourselves and our one son. Snap forward a few years and we are a family of five in a three bedroom house. Guests would sleep in the open concept main floor living room and we would sneak past trying to make coffee as quietly as possible for early morning work days. It became apparent that we would be staying in the city longer, and with all honestly our marriage was struggling. Maybe we thought the house would save us, save us with its space, I’m not sure to be honest. In our home search we were restricted by two things, price and location, I refused to move neighbourhoods or school zones, in a hot commodity neighbourhood this made the search quite a challenge. In searching for a home it’s important to see the home not for what it is now but for what it could be. We quickly found the one listing in our budget (just kidding_ish) and it is a charming, oversized home on a quiet little street so close to our old home we could walk for a visit. The street is of two paths, you have lived here for fourty years and watched your family grow or you have been here less than ten years and are in the midsts of watching your family grow. So here we are with a home almost two times as large, and every room a project. I mean no disrespect to her former owners, the house is beautiful, she is a thing of greatness and the potential is pouring out.  Our plan is simply to continue breathing life into this home for another generation to grow. 

I hope you enjoy this journey with me   ~     withlove_kate

The Before Photos




What’s in your closet?



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